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Celebrations & Conference

Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries ...

Who wouldn't even like to dine where princes and bishops have dined hundreds of years before and have devoted themselves to her bodily welfare. In the knight's hall of Altenburg, we offer you the perfect room for your celebrations.

No matter whether weddings, birthdays, jubilees, conferences, receipts or company celebrations, we've got the perfect environment for you. The ambience is really unique in Bamberg. Our motto: Enjoyment on the highest hill of Bamberg.

But not only celebrations you can do  with us. On Altenburg you also find the ideal frame for a seminar or a conference. And the physical well-being is provided very good.

You can get a first overview about the possible menu orders here.
Rittersaal gedeckt für Feier
Rittersaal gedeckt für Feier
Buffet im Gläsernen Saal
Rittersaal mit Leinwand für Tagung
Rittersaal als Tagungsraum